Elie Khadra is a producer, director, cinematographer and editor. He uses all his senses to craft a story and creates work with feeling as well as high production values. 

 Khadra was born in Beirut, Lebanon and started working in the TV and Film industry during his college days. He got his start as an assistant cameraman in Studio Vision, Metn, Lebanon and was promoted to a cameraman. He worked on large-scale productions, music videos, investigative documentary series, reality shows and more; from concept through to post production.

Despite his solid start in filmmaking, Khadra left Lebanon due to his deep curiosity about other cultures.

He began freelancing in Dubai, Qatar and filming projects around the world in South Korea, Egypt, Thailand and more. In 2012 Khadra was hired as a cameraman for Qatar Tv, and was promoted to director and story producer. He worked with an international team to help launch the new channel and produced, directed, filmed and edited cultural programs, documentaries, hosted series and studio shows largely inside Qatar but also in China, Mauritius, and Germany. 

Khadra is currently based in California's beautiful Bay area. He is married to Charlotte Buchen, head of video at Timeline.com. They have a two-year-old son.

Khadra works as a video producer, cinematographer and editor. He has filmed and produced for a variety of media outlets such as the New York Times, OZY media, KQED Arts, YouTube and more.

There is no limit to Khadra's dreams - he tries to take each project to it's fullest potential, and hope one day to direct his own fiction films.